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Free Seminars Designed for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Free Seminars Designed for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

January 13th
Magnetic Marketing: How To Attract All The Good Customers – In Any Economy
Craig Valine, Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle
Would you like to know the secrets of creating a “competition-free zone” for yourself?...successfully selling at prices higher than your competitors?...stabilizing new customer flow?...prospering even in a tough or uncertain economy (while others suffer)?!

February 3rd
How To Grow Your Business. . . Exponentially!
Craig Valine, Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle
Most underperforming businesses focus on their craft or their products instead of building their business. The troubling part is, they have no idea that marketing IS their business. In this workshop you will learn: The three ways to grow any business.
March 10th
How To Maximize Your Business Value In A Tightening Economy
Daniel Morales – Small Business Development Center
This hands-on workshop is about what you can do to stay above the crisis. In this interactive two hour workshop you will: * Learn about the driving forces in the economy that affect your small business.

Free Seminar Location: Rose Bowl Press Box (Gate F ) –
1001 Rose Bowl Drive Pasadena

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For more information contact: The City of Pasadena, Economic Development Division, 100 N. Garfield Ave., Room S-116 , Pasadena, CA 91109 –(626) 744-4660