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Spirituality in the Workplace

What it is; Why it Matters; How to Make it Work for You

Spirituality in the workplace is a controversial subject to many. It conjures up images of management's intrusion into personal lives, and employee meetings to discuss one's innermost inadequacies. A new book, Spirituality in the Workplace, blows the lid off such misconceptions by taking a pragmatic approach to our life at work, and how we can make it more enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding.

From management's point of view as well, there is much to gain by promoting spirituality in the workplace. A more fulfilled, optimistic and cooperative workforce cannot help but add to a company's bottom line, according to the authors. Furthermore, business leaders themselves benefit from the process of awakening their inner spirituality and letting it positively affect both self and subordinates..

Defining spirituality can be difficult, but again, the book takes a practical approach designed to aid the reader in applying what is read into new ways of thinking about work and life.

Authors Dr. Joan Marques, Dr. Dhiman Satinder and Dr. Richard King possess enviable backgrounds in business and academia, and have symbiotically brought forth a work purposed to appeal to business leaders and managers who realize that life is more than work, and that in the long run, it is wise to make investments in the time and resources necessary to help employees at all levels discover, develop and express their inner spirituality.

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