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Times of Pressure for the Woman of 2009
By: Liza Boubari, CCHT

In the recent months more women are stepping up to supplement wages during these difficult times.  We are witnessing more stressed out couples than ever. Added to the daily pressures of life, dealing with kids and daily chores, now coping with loss of income and savings and more importantly, dealing with the added aggression and anger. No wonder your body is all tense, shutting down and you are feeling overwhelmed.

What does this mean for you, the contemporary women? How are you to cope with all this? How are you to comfort your spouse, partner, parents, kids, even yourself. When do you provide yourself with the much needed nurturing and nourishment during times of uncertainty?

Recognize the cost of not meeting your needs. When your days are full, fast, and frenzied and you arent getting rest, regular meals, or time to relax, its difficult to respond enthusiastically to the needs of others. The emotional costs of letting your energy drain, and running on empty, are felt not only by you but them. If you allow your needs to go unmet for long periods of time, you are apt to become resentful.

Now it is more important to answer these questions than ever.

When was the last time you treated yourself to something nice, something beautiful, something that made you feel warm and giddy all over.  I am not talking about diamonds or Jimmy Choo shoes...although that would be nice, but more of simple things. 

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to be whisked away by a fantasy or get carried off in a daydream? Take a walk around the block and let the sunshine pour over you melting your stressful thoughts away. Put on your favorite song and do a little dance for yourself or grab your partner, child or even your dog and dance in the living-room! Any excuse you can find to giggle and laugh, laugh as long and as hard as you can. Wishful thinking you say?!  I say...wishes do come true!  You can make your wishes come true.

Intrigued ... wait there is more! All of these activities release endorphins, the bodys natural feel-good, stress-fighting hormones. Go find your favorite magazines and cut and paste all the pictures you like, the colors, shapes and create a collage of your dreams.  Go window shopping, try clothes that you want to fit in. Take a drive with your favorite music playing - blast it out loud and sing! Add color to your wardrobe- greens, yellows and oranges to brighten your mood.

Be open to Receive as much as you Give.  Spend quality time with your loved ones and make quality time for yourself to replenish your reserves and rejuvenate your perspective on life. This is the secret to anti-aging: no matter how old the body becomes, the mind remains buoyant and youthful by always sustaining a fresh perspective on life. Wake up everyday with a Wow.

As the visionary philosopher Socrates said 2400 years ago, "The Body cannot be cured without regard for the Soul". Healing begins Within. You are in total control of your life, your mind, body and emotions. We move towards our most dominant thought pattern, thus repeat these words: Everyday, in everyway, I feel better and better. I accept and appreciate myself far more deeply than ever before.

HealWithin is a Healing Center in the heart of Glendale that provides you with positive energy and motivation. We bring ease and relax your body, uplift your spirit and help you cope and heal through though times. Here you can understand, become clearer, change and transform. Find the time and be willing to make the journey, it can be an exiting time of reconnection with Yourself. Your feelings matter.  You matter.

In Wellness!

Liza Boubari, CCHT
(818) 551-1501