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To All Grandmothers
By: Seta Krikorian


Some may ask who is sweet and kind?
Who is firm, but also nice?
Who has some sugar and some spice?
Who can dance with you all night?
who can stop you in a terrible fight?
Who can make you tasty treats?
Who can have a wonderful beat?
Who can make you some yummy tarts?
and who can love you with all her heart?

Many can have these wonderful traits, but only one SPECIAL person has them all. If you guessed a grandmother then you are correct! She will give you kindness and a lot of respect. She will help you when you need it the most.

She will brag about you inside her head, but will never loudly boast. She is fantastic and extremely refined. So you may ask
who is sweet and kind, a grandmother is sweet a kind.