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Water Conservation

Facing the Challenge of Drought A Look at Mandatory Conservation Plans

Pasadena Water and Power
Steering Pasadena in a new direction, the Pasadena City Council has unanimously
Approved PWP’s Comprehensive Water Conservation Plan.

Developed over the past year by PWP’s water team, the far-reaching plan sets goals for cutting citywide water use by 10, 20 and 30 percent and details six major strategies for achieving these cuts. First and foremost, the document calls for a new rate structure to align customer rates with operating costs and encourage conservation. 

The plan also calls for a new ordinance that permanently prohibits water waste and establishes procedures for water shortages. It also provides for a wealth of support to our customers, including incentives to install waterefficient fixtures, direct installation of new technology; free landscaping audits and an active outreach and education program.

The plan was developed in response to ever-present concerns about the Southland’s water supply, said PWP Assistant Director Eric Klinkner. The Metropolitan Water District (MWD), which supplies about 65 percent of Pasadena’s water, recently reduced Pasadena’s allocations by 10 percent due to ongoing drought, environmental concerns and pumping restrictions in Northern California. At the same time, Pasadena’s local groundwater pumping rights will be reduced in July, effectively limiting our local supply to no more than 35 percent.

PWP’s aggressive new Water Conservation Plan will have a number of effects on Pasadena businesses, said Assistant General Manager for Water Shan Kwan. “Our aim is to eliminate waste,” he said, “but also to make it much easier and more profitable to save water.”

First, PWP customers will have their say on a new water rate structure that encourages conservation during a public hearing. “While the new rate structure proposes an average increase of 10 percent to cover rising costs,” Kwan said, “it also includes two new tiers with higher prices to encourage customers to use less.” These two new “high-use” tiers would also cover the costs passed down to PWP by the Metropolitan Water District to discourage excessive water use.

The conservation plan also includes an updated list of water-waste prohibitions, as well as fines of $100 to $1,000 to discourage waste. “Our water conservation field reps. will definitely be on the front lines helping our customers understand and conserve,” he said. “All of us should cut down on outdoor watering, fix leaks, and stop excessive water flow,” he said. “We’re also requiring new equipment and practices for restaurants, hotels, carwashes and laundries.”
Most important, PWP’s commercial customers will be able to tap into a long list of rebates, free water-use audits and account manager support.  “We want our customers to know that they can reduce their bills – in some cases significantly,” Kwan said.  “We’re here to help.”

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Burbank Water and Power
Burbank Water and Power (BWP) serves the City of Burbank’s residents and businesses. Burbank Water and Power (BWP) serves the City of Burbank’s residents and businesses. Burbank is home to about 6,000 businesses ranging from major movie production studios and high-rise buildings to small Mom and Pop businesses. To each,

BWP offers safe and reliable water and electric service at a fair price.  We also offer fiber optic services.  BWP now offers Burbank businesses a free “Saving Energy Dollars” booklet. Request this informative 12-page booklet to learn many ways to reduce your energy costs and improve your bottom line. To request a free copy, please e-mail jmeyer@ci.burbank. Please remember to include your Burbank Water and Power Service Account Number and mailing address.

Glendale Water and Power
California is in a serious water shortage and Glendale Water and Power along with all neighboring utilities is urging all of its residents to conserve water. Customers should start first their conservation outdoors.  Sixty percent of a household’s water usage is for the outdoors. Customers can simply check on their irrigation systems and make sure their sprinklers aren’t watering walkways and driveways and definitely check for leaks. We are also asking our customers to water three days a week during the summer and reduce watering time by 2-3 minutes.

Business customers can receive rebates to install water efficient devices through our Save Water Save a Buck Program. Small business customers can sign-up to receive a free energy and water saving energy survey for their business and we directly install up to $2,000 worth of energy and water saving devices. Visit GWP