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Lightning Strikes the Colonies
By: C. L. Fagan

Meet Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, John Hancock and Paul Revere before they became American heroes!
American history comes alive in Lightning Strikes the Colonies, an exciting “pre-steam-punk” sci-fi fantasy adventure novel as seen through the eyes of tenacious 23-year old Linda Darnell Hutchinson.
She is thrust into an incredible journey she never expected.  When lightning strikes, Linda is transported through a time portal from 2008 to 1752 – at the exact moment the great Benjamin Franklin first manipulated lightning – 24 years before the American Revolution.

Linda’s unexpected arrival and the advanced technologies she has in her pockets, convinces Ben she is from the future.
Taking on the name “Melinda” to better suit the times, she and Ben embark upon a fascinating journey through colonial America. They meet the most famous American patriots when they were teenagers: George Washington, 19;
John Hancock, 17; and Paul Revere, 16. Franklin, at age 46, is in the prime of his life as a journalist, scientist and inventor. Because of the insatiably curious Franklin and the wildly outspoken reluctant time traveler, did sparks fly and history change by her mere presence?

Blending modern-day storytelling with an incredibly accurate historical flare, Lightning Strikes the Colonies is full of wit and humor, and is peppered with romance, while providing readers a provocative way to learn American history.
C. L. Fagan is a technology consultant with degrees in history and engineering. The Southern California native considers herself a life-long history buff, a Franklin enthusiast and is fascinated with obscure historical facts and myths. Her novel series continues in the second book, Enlightening Strikes England. Website: