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Save America Now!
By: Michael Master

New Revolution to Save Freedom and Liberty

There is a conspiracy by an elite group of power brokers to undermine and destroy the essence of America, pushing the US into joining a new world order!  And since this mindset is entrenched in the White House, Congress, the Judicial Branch and the media, the way to save America is by joining the new American Revolution as started by the Tea Parties and other grassroots organizations.

The problems facing America today stem from 50 years of concerted efforts to “change” America from what made America great to a country that will blend into a new world order of socialism ruled by an elite class of dictators and despots. 

Author Michael Master is a businessman who is deeply concerned about the ability of America to survive this insidious attack from within.  His book documents conversations and interchange with recognizable personalities including John McCain, Colin Powell, Jim DeMint, Mel Gibson, Lindsay Graham, Mel Martinez and Chuck Todd.

Master’s conclusion is that there are very few people who are protecting our Constitution with the same love for America as was had by our founding fathers.  Very few are bold enough to say, “Give me liberty or give me death.”   And there are many, especially RINOs and many of the younger generation, who have been duped into thinking that more government intervention for the “general welfare” of we the people is a good thing.

America could die soon.  Save America Now,  points out the similarities between the US and other countries that have been at this very same place in history.  Who would have imagined in 1988 that the USSR would cease to exist in just a couple of short years? And why do we think it can’t happen to the US today?  It could.  And, sadly, there are some in both political parties who are working to effect this change to implement a new world order, not only the politicians, but also the invisible power brokers who pull the strings of them.

Tyrants are amassing power by creating crises, some real, some imagined,  climate change, healthcare, energy shortages, financial crisis, deficits, inflation, bail outs, racism, and more.  Every solution to every problem that they propose requires more government, which reduces liberty in the process.  And sadly, some tyrants parade as conservatives just to placate the real conservatives. They control the information in America and what is taught in our schools.  They are eliminating any religious voice of opposition to their “changed” values for America, and they are working to take away weapons for self defense.  These tyrants can be stopped, but it will take Americans armed with truth and the solutions prescribed in Save America Now!

 Michael Master has a unique view of America from 35 years in the Information Technology industry. After 15 years with IBM, Mr. Master spent 6 years with Amdahl as a world wide marketing Vice President, and then several years in Marketing, General Management, and as CEO/President of small businesses

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