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Smll Business Furious Over House Healthcare Vote

House Votes ‘NO’ on Lower Costs and ‘YES’ on Higher Taxes for Small Business
Susan Eckerly, senior vice president of the National Federation of Independent Business, the nation’s leading small business association, issued the following statement in reaction to the House vote passing H.R. 3962:
“Small business owners are outraged that their elected representatives voted to pass a healthcare bill that fails to lower costs, increase choice and provide real competition for America’s small businesses.  Instead, this bill will actually make things worse, not better. With unemployment at a 26-year high, the punitive employer mandates and atrocious new taxes will force small business owners to eliminate jobs and freeze expansion plans at a time when our nation’s economy needs small business to thrive.
“There is no question that this bill will have devastating consequences for small business owners, their employees and the country’s economic recovery. As we have said since its original introduction, H.R. 3962 is not the kind of reform America’s small businesses need or want.
“Small businesses have long supported reform that provides more affordable and accessible healthcare options for them and their workers. Instead of listening to small businesses, the House passed a bill that will actually make things worse for small firms. Punishing small employers with employer mandates, payroll taxes and a new government-run program paid for on the backs of small businesses, will not fix our broken healthcare system.
“H.R. 3962 represents a failed opportunity to help small business owners with their No. 1 problem – skyrocketing healthcare costs. As the healthcare debate moves to the Senate floor, NFIB hopes senators will consider legislation that actually makes addressing the needs of small businesses a top priority. This begins with enacting responsible insurance market reforms and increasing competition in the small group and individual private market by creating an exchange modeled on the SHOP Act.  It means allowing national benefit plans to be purchased across state lines – something long supported by small business.  And, it means making certain that they do so in a way that doesn’t increase the cost of doing business for our small businesses.
“We have said repeatedly that we remain committed to trying to support reform efforts that will provide more affordable and accessible healthcare options for small employers and their workers. No one needs reform more.”