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Start Late, Finish Rich: A No-Fail Plan for Achieving Financial Freedom at Any Age
By: David Bach

Are you wondering if it’s too late for you to finish rich? Do you worry that with your current amount debt and small savings you’ll never be able to retire? Do you find yourself saying, “If only I had started saving ten or twenty years ago, there would have been hope?”

Well, there is hope and help is here at last. Financial expert David Bach has an action plan that gives all those worried about their financial future real hope that they can “catch up” and finish rich. Bach shows how, by following the simple principles of “Spend Less, Save More, and Make More,” late-starters of any age can achieve financial security and accomplish their life dreams.

In clear, concise, and motivational terms that will galvanize readers to take immediate action to change their lives, Bach provides in Start Late, Finish Rich a realistic, easy-to-follow financial game plan tailored specifically to the needs of the 90% of Americans who wish they had started saving sooner, including expert advice on:

  • Why you should not pay down your debt before you start to save — and how to transform your debt into wealth
  • How to “turbo charge” your savings by discovering your “Double Latte” factor
  • Why you must “throw out” your budget
  • How to get rich in real estate on the weekends as well as how to start a home-based business—and increase your income on the side.
  • How to use Bach’s simple “Perfect Pie Approach” to wealth in order to catch up on getting rich without too much risk.

Publisher: Broadway Books, January 04 2005; $24.95; Hardcover. For information, contact David Drake at Broadway Books at 212-782-9001