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Internet Dating
By: David D. Abernathy

Internet dating is the new venue for single seniors to meet potential life mates. The book, Internet Dating, provides the information to guide you through this new and exciting way to meet your mate.

Basically, this is a HOW-TO book. It explains how-to select a dating site, how-to fill out the personal profile, how-to use photographs to show the most flattering you,
how- to use email and telephone contact to communicate and still maintain a high degree of privacy and anonymity and how-to make that first face-to-face meeting and future dates a success.

The advantages of Internet dating are explained in detail. These include: convenience, biographical information available, safety, diverse choices, accessibility, close to home, anonymity, inexpensive and the relative high success rates.

It is very important to use quality photographs in the profile. The photos are the first cut in the selection process. Most people do not use their photos to the best advantage. Detail descriptions of mistakes people make are compared to techniques on how to take the most flattering photos.

Strategic planning is required if you are to find your mate in 90 days or less. A thirteen week plan is described which outlines the objectives and action list for each week.

One of the highlights of the book is the description of the “first meeting”. The authors recommend a first meeting as a prelude to an actual date. The location for this meeting should be a coffeehouse. The main objective is to verify the information exchanged in email and telephone contacts. By meeting at a coffeehouse each person is committed to only the time that it takes to drink a cup of coffee. If there is chemistry between the two, a future date can be arranged.

The authors, David D. Abernathy, Ph.D. and Naomi C. Ballard, Ph.D. are trained and certified clinical sexologists The book, Internet Dating can be ordered at