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Never Act Your Age
By: Dr. Dale Anderson

Never Act Your Age, by Dr. Dale Anderson shows VP's (Vintage People) how to use tools from the performing arts to create health and happiness in the WELLderly years. Whether forced or sincere, smiles and laughter produce a happy chemistry within the human body. According to Dr. Anderson, happiness is a skill that can be learned, like dancing or playing piano. In Never Act Your Age, Dr. Anderson teaches you how to master the skills of happiness and unlock a natural pharmacy of anti-depressants in your own body.

Performers have known this for years, the famous Stansislavski method- acting technique is based on the same principle of "fake it 'til you feel it". Dr. Anderson says "fake your way or act your way into happiness. It's a jump start out of a bad mood." Just by acting WELL you can be WELL, for your whole life.

Each chapter also highlights Ageless Allies, Vintage People who never act Their age - like Barbara Huebner of Mission Viejo, California who just hit Her fourth hole-in-one last year at 70 years old.

Never Act Your Age is published by Beaver's Pond Press and is Dr. Anderson's fourth book and is available in paperback at