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Super Job Search: Job Searching in a Shaky Economy
By: Peter Studner

Bam! You just lost your job. What’s the first thing you need to do? If you said resume, that’s wrong! The right answer is prepare. But don’t feel bad if you got that wrong - just don’t make the mistake of plunging back into the job market if you don’t have the right tools or information! If you are organized and ready the process won’t be painful, it will take less time, and be very successful!

Thousands of people recently unemployed, large companies downsizing, industries going bankrupt and don’t forget about the college graduates that need jobs too! Is finding a good job still possible? There is still hope even in a nation with an uncertain economy.
Peter Studner is a career & economy expert talking about job searching and career changing in today’s market:

  • Are companies that just downsized still hiring? Is it safe to work for them now?
  • What are the new rules of today’s market? How different is it from a few years ago?
  • When will the economy recover from recession and high unemployment rates?

Super Job Search explains how to find the job that best fits you and then how to get it! There are rumors and myths about what to do and it can get confusing! Studner tells you:

  • The best and/or worse thing to do in an interview
  • The easiest place to look for jobs (websites, paper, word of mouth)
  • Resumes – What the most important (or worse) thing to put on your resume is
  • What the best kept secret in the job market today
  • Common myths that scare us the most about job searching

Super Job Search, ISBN 0-938667-04-, published by Jamenair Lte. For additional vital job-search resources, consult: