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The Invisible Years of a Woman's Life
By: Elizabeth King

What happens to a woman after age forty-five that makes her feel invisible to the opposite sex? Why does a woman older than forty-five feel unattractive to a younger man and too old for a man with a similar age? In An Invisible Woman, Elizabeth King delivers an insightful story of an American middle-aged woman and a younger Italian man involved in a cross-cultural love affair. King explores the “invisible years” of a woman’s life and offers an alternative love story uniquely told from both the female and male perspective.

In An Invisible Woman, King presents the story of Anne, a once widowed and once divorced 60 year-old woman who travels to Italy during the autumn years of her life. In Italy she meets Marco, a 45 year-old Italian bus driver, characterized as macho and pessimistic but loving. They fall in love during her brief vacation but reality poses emotional threats to both. Anne is older, lives in the United States and exhibits an American mentality perceived as threatening by her lover. Marco is significantly younger, less financially stable and unyieldingly Italian. Their love affair presents a case study in gender perspectives as King writes from both character’s viewpoint. How does an older woman deal with the societal inhibitions of dating a younger man? How does a younger man respond to the insecurities of loving a woman who is superior in intellect, life experiences and financial status? These questions and more are answered with a creative outlook on relationships, offering an exciting alternative to women entering this “invisible years.”

For more information contact Andy Morales, Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicist at 512-478-2028 ext. 210 or (1st Books, 2001, ISBN#1-58820-431-6, $10.95)