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How to Retain Your Best Employees

Employee turnover is an important issue for organizations today just as it was several years ago. Retaining loyal, high-performing employees is a challenge for most organizations, especially in knowledge-based industries. Specific strategies aimed at overcoming the causes of high turnover and creating methods to improve employee retention can have important payoffs for organizations. What are the best approaches to retention? What methodology should be used and what processes should be implemented?

To address these questions and others, the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) jointly released a new book, In Action: Retaining Your Best Employees. This book offers a variety of systems, models, and processes to help to decrease turnover and improve performance in an organization. It includes 10 case studies on important topics such as using recognition to manage retention, reinvigorating a mature company and using an internal degree program to reduce turnover.

In addition to the case studies, this book has several other uses:

  1. A basic reference of practical applications for managing retention.
  2. A point of reference for group discussions.
  3. A supplement to other human resource management books.
  4. A resource for managers and executives who do not have direct responsibility for various aspects of the human resource management process.

These cases will challenge and motivate you. The new insights you gain will serve as an impetus for positive change in your organization.

To order In Action: Retaining Your Best Employees, from ASTD, contact the ASTD Customer Care Center at 1.800.628.2783, or visit ASTD’s online store: The book costs $38.95 for members/$49.95 for non-members. Use product code 110210 when placing your order. To order from SHRM, contact the SHRM Store at 1/800-444-5006, Option #1 or go online at The SHRM Item # is 61.14501