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She's Gotta Have It! A Sex Health Manual
By: Betty Kamen, PhD.

Betty Kamen, Ph.D., author of She's Gotta Have It (Nutrition Encounter, 2001) says that people can enjoy a healthy sex life at any age. Dr. Kamen, a 70-something advocate of good health and sexuality, entertains, educates and empowers people to take charge of their sexuality. She joins Dr. David Satcher, Surgeon General of the United States in his recent call to action to promote sexual health.

Kamen's claim that you can have a vibrant sex life at any age is based on extensive research and she lays it out in her book. "My goal is to strengthen relationships by helping people reclaim a vibrant healthy sex life," said Dr. Kamen. "It's very new to talk about taking control of your sexual response, yet women and men alike want all the information they can get on this topic."

She tackles some tough questions in this practical guidebook from a lagging libido, chronic inability to achieve orgasm, disinterest in sex or vaginal dryness.
From exploring the common practice of "faking it" to talking about hormone helpers - those that work and those that don't, Dr. Kamen leaves no stone unturned in the realm of sexuality.

Dr. Kamen is the author of nineteen health books. She has her master's degree in psychology and her Ph.D. in health education. A columnist for eight health news publications over the years, she has published more than 500 health

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