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LAEDC Business Assistance & Development Program

Programs to Assist L.A. County Businesses

LAEDC Business Assistance and Development Program continued to save jobs with free-of-charge layoff aversion services and produced guides to help local businesses


In 2010, the LAEDC’s Business Assistance and Development Program (BAP), in conjunction with SASSFA (Southeast Area Social Services Funding Authority) and PGWIN (Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network), produced the Economic Development Toolkit for their respective regions to provide an electronic source of Los Angeles County’s business incentives and assistance programs.


The information in these toolkits includes a guide of general business assistance and service providers, educational institutions, venture capital sources and annual conferences dedicated to supporting  the economic success and growth of businesses. 


These PDF documents are available for free on the LAEDC’s website at under “Business Assistance”.


While the toolkits were produced to help businesses grow, the layoff aversion program is in place to help retain employees and  sustain businesses.  With layoff aversion grants from SASSFA, PGWIN, Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board (SELACO), South Bay WIB, and the City of Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board (LA WIB), the BAP team continues to collaborate with local communities, workforce investment partners, employers and workers in assessing small and medium-sized businesses to explore alternatives to layoffs through human resource solutions.


Since the beginning of the layoff aversion program in December 2009, nearly 4,700 jobs have been saved.


The BAP team of professionals offers confidential, free-of-charge layoff aversion services.  Our regional managers can provide information and assistance to decision makers and consultants representing large and small, domestic and international businesses in the manufacturing, distribution and service industries; and connect your business to city and county officials, chambers of commerce, business leaders and economic development allies.


For more information about the toolkits and the layoff aversion program, call us at (888) 4-LAEDC-1 or email