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U.S. Chamber of Commerce: Fighting For Your Business

Representing your ideas—and interests—in Washington for nearly a century.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the world's largest business federation representing more than 3 million businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions. It includes hundreds of associations, thousands of local chambers, and more than 100 American Chambers of Commerce in 91 countries.

Whether you own a business, represent one, lead a corporate office, or manage an association, the Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America®  provides you with a voice of experience and influence in Washington, D.C., and around the globe. Our core mission is to fight for business and free enterprise before Congress, the White House, regulatory agencies, the courts, the court of public opinion, and governments around the world.

From its headquarters near the White House, the Chamber maintains a professional staff of more than 300 of the nation's top policy experts, lobbyists, lawyers, and communicators. The Washington staff is supported by eight regional offices around the country; offices in New York and Brussels; an on-the-ground presence in China; and a network of grassroots business activists.

Our members include businesses of all sizes and sectors—from large Fortune 500 companies to home-based, one-person operations. In fact, 96% of our membership encompasses businesses with fewer than 100 employees.

The leadership is equally diverse, with more than 100 corporate and small business leaders from all sectors serving on the board of directors

If your organization is not a member of the U.S. Chamber, there are plenty of reasons it should be. ...Reasons to Join

Mission Statement:

"To advance human progress through an economic, political and social system based on individual freedom, incentive, initiative, opportunity, and responsibility."

Programs and Affiliates

  • The National Chamber Litigation Center—our law firm that defends business interests and sues government agencies.
  • The Institute for Legal Reform—the Chamber affiliate that challenges lawsuit abuse on many fronts, fights for legal reform legislation, and educates voters in state judicial and attorney general races.
  • The National Chamber Foundation—our public policy think tank that drives the debate, develops the data and arguments, and influences policy options on the most critical business issues.
  • The Political Program—the Chamber's aggressive political action component that endorses, supports, raises money, and turns out the vote for pro-business congressional candidates from both parties who are engaged in key races.
  • The International Division—our trade and foreign affairs experts who work to lower barriers and expand our members' commercial interests across the globe.
  • The Center for International Private Enterprise—a Chamber-led project of the National Endowment for Democracy that helps emerging nations develop the free market practices and institutions they need to succeed in the global economy.
  • TradeRoots—a sustained grassroots trade education program supporting free trade legislation and helping chambers, communities, and governors assist small and medium-size companies to expand into the global marketplace.
  • The Institute for a Competitive Workforce—the Chamber affiliate that focuses on workforce development and education issues.
  • Business Civic Leadership Center—an organization devoted to facilitating corporate civic and humanitarian initiatives.