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Younger Next Year for Women
By: Chris Crowley & Henry S. Lodge, M.D.

It’s no secret that we’re living longer. A lot longer. Recent statistics show that the life expectancy for women has risen to 80.1 years—for many that will mean a good 30 years past menopause.

But will they actually be “a good 30 years?

Try asking women what they fear about aging, and nine times out of ten they’ll say, ending up hunched over, alone, pushing a walker, and eating cat food.” Younger Next Year for Women, all of us have the power to live the Next Third of our lives more vigorously, healthily, comfortably, and sexily.

It’s actually fairly simple. Every Morning when we wake up, we make a decision. Will I get older today? Or do I want to fight the tide of aging and, for a while at least, actually get younger? Dr. Lodge and Mr. Crowley are not spouting foolish fountain-of-youth nonsense. Rather, they’re giving women the scientific truth and the outlining a realistic, totally doable program that will allow them to live a better, younger life into their 80’s and beyond.

There isn’t a bigger health story out today—or one that affects so many women—than the aging of Baby Boomers. And there isn’t a program that better show women how to live like they’re fifty for decades to come than this one.

Younger Next Year for Women, draws on the latest science, it tells women not only how to live healthier, happier, thinner, younger lives, but why they should. The story is a compelling one, told in alternating chapters: Dr. Lodge presents the science—simplified, demystified, utterly convincing—then the no-punches Crowley, his 71-year-old patient, tells us how to make these new and incontrovertible truths part of our lives.

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