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Phyllis Sues

Phyllis Sues “Loving Life at 88!”

Phyllis Sues was born in New York City on April 4th, 1923. At the age of 14, Phyllis had her first ballet lesson and from that day on, she knew dance was for her. In 1941, Phyllis performed as a Spanish dancer in a USO tour for the Air Corps. From 1942 to 1948 she performed in five long-run Broadway shows and also danced with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. In 1948, Phyllis met performer and dancer, Donald Weissmuller. They were a successful dance duo and toured the world. In 1953, Phyllis married comic actor, Alan Sues and they performed together in comedy sketches in New York and Los Angeles. Phyllis continued to dance on TV until 1968. After moving to LA, with former husband, Alan Sues, Phyllis started designing her own line of women’s high fashion sportswear. Her company ran for 22 years, under her own label.

 In 2003, the passion of her life gave birth to music. Her instrument, the piano. Her genres, Jazz and Tango. Not only did Phyllis learn to dance the Tango at 83, she also composed and produced her own music. Phyllis brought together an extraordinary group of musicians and at 87, produced six beautiful Tangos and debuted her CD “Tango Insomnia.” Phyllis also produced a Jazz CD entitled, "Scenes of Passion” which she also performs on piano and sings vocals with Scarlet Rouge.

Now, at 88, Phyllis dances every day with her choreographer and partner Felix Chavez (78). They perform in shows and compete, inspiring audiences and dancers nationwide. Phyllis also practices Yoga, as it helps her body with the balance and elasticity that she needs to continue dancing.

"Yoga is not just a pose, music is not just notes, dance is not just steps. The quality and beauty of the poses, the notes, and the steps, depends on the transition from one to the other. In yoga and dance, I listen to my body. In piano and composition, I listen to my fingers. These are my tools." Phyllis Sues.

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