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NFIB/CA Releases Statement on Governor Brown Tax Increase Plan

The National Federation of Independent Business, California released the following statement today in response to Governor Brown’s plan to increase taxes:


 “California small business owners and voters have made it abundantly clear that they reject taxes and any new costs that will keep them in a financial hole and delay efforts for economic recovery and job creation,” said John Kabateck, Executive Director for NFIB/CA. “In 2009, voters overwhelmingly rejected Proposition 1A, which would have extended sales and income tax for an additional two years, and last year the legislature rightly rejected efforts to extend those taxes for an additional five years. How has the economic status and certainty on Main Street and among all taxpayers improved since then?”


 “In June, when NFIB polled members across the state, 96 percent of those responding indicated that California should not use tax increases to balance the state budget. I’m not sure how much more clear we need to be – especially when 87 percent of those surveyed didn’t support even putting tax increases on the ballot.”


 “Balancing a multi-billion dollar budget is no easy task, but struggling “mom and pop” businesses and all taxpayers should not be left paying the bill for our state leaders’ reckless spending.  The Governor and anyone else considering loading new, onerous costs on struggling Californians should take note: the first rule to getting out of a hole is to stop digging. NFIB will continue to strenuously oppose tax increases and fight for the recovery and survival of Main Street, jobs and our communities.”