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State Of California Franchise Tax Board

Franchise Tax Board News Release
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State’s Top 250 Tax Debtors’ Lists Recoups $100 Million

(Sacramento) - The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) and Board of Equalization (BOE) announced today that collective efforts from the Internet posting of California’s 250 largest unpaid state tax debtors has raised more than $100 million since the program’s inception.  
“Collecting these large unpaid tax debts is absolutely crucial, because every dollar collected helps spare schools, public safety, and other public services from severe budget cuts,” said State Controller and FTB Chair John Chiang.
“California's tax cheats should know we are serious about making them follow the law,” said Board of Equalization Chairman Jerome E. Horton. “Those who owe the BOE and FTB the most will continue to be exposed to public scrutiny to encourage them to pay their delinquencies.”
State law (AB 1418, Horton) effective for 2007 established the requirement for FTB and BOE to each post a list of the 250 largest state income tax debtors who owe more than $100,000. Last fall, new state law (AB 1424, Perea), increased the number of posted top tax debtors to 500. It also authorizes the state to suspend the professional and/or drivers’ licenses of the state’s top 500 debtors until they resolve their accounts or enter into payment arrangements. It also authorizes the state to publish the titles and names of principal officers for business entity delinquencies.

Taxpayers on the Top 250 list are removed once the tax is paid or the taxpayer agrees to make payments under an approved installment agreement. Tax liabilities under appeal, in litigation, in bankruptcy proceedings, or under consideration for an offer in compromise are not included on the list.
The first Top 500 list for FTB will debut in April 2012. Also starting this year, FTB’s complete list will be updated bi-annually in April and October on FTB’s website at The Board of Equalization’s listof the state’s top sales and use tax delinquencies, is updated quarterly at
Individual taxpayers on the list can contact FTB at 866.418.3702 to resolve their accounts. Business taxpayers can call 866.914.5594. Taxpayers on the BOE list can call 916.445.5167 to resolve their accounts.