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Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum

Creating Successful Companies Through Incubation

 Saturday, February 11, 2012

at the California Institute of Technology,

Pasadena, California

Registration and Continental Breakfast:

8:00 a.m. Baxter Lecture Hall


9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at Baxter Lecture Hall


11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Baxter Lecture Hall


Business incubators and accelerators provide essential resources and counsel that entrepreneurs need to become successful, self-sufficient businesses. Additionally, they reduce the risk of failure by offering affordable space and shared facilities along with an array of mentors and advisors that are invaluable for companies just starting out.


The Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum’s February 11th program will feature some of the award winning business incubators in Los Angeles and there will be many others in attendance and exhibiting. If you are a business entrepreneur interested in optimizing the success of your company you are invited to come and learn about the Business Incubation Network of Southern California (BINS) and to discover the many ways this network can benefit your business.


You will get answers about important questions such as:


What are a business incubators and what types will best suit your needs? What kind of entrepreneurial companies benefit from incubation? How do entrepreneurs apply? What do graduates say about how worthwhile joining an incubator was for them? Would they do it again? How investors feel about businesses in incubators?


The Directors of major incubators and accelerators in the Los Angeles area will be available to answer these and many other questions. Successful entrepreneurs who graduated from an incubator will also be participating and can answer your questions as well. Come to listen, learn and ask your own questions. The services and advantages these organizations offer can save you time, money and provide you with the resources that will help you advance your business goals.



Bruce Bromstrom- President at Pasadena BioScience Collaborative

Mark Lieberman- Manager at Business Technology Center of LA County,

Community Development of Los Angeles County

Alexander Maleki- Director at New Ventures Group, Idealab

Jeff Milanette- Executive Director at PortTechLA Incubator


Incubator Grads

Erik Hovanec - Partner, LeisureLink, Inc.



Stan Tomsic- Partner, ACODA Technology & Investments, LLC

Chairman/Co-Founder, Business Incubation Network of Southern California (BINS)



Stan Tomsic- Partner, ACODA Technology & Investments, LLC

Chairman/Co-Founder, Business Incubation Network of Southern California (BINS)

Phil Bangayan- MIT Club of Southern California