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Big Government Love And Your Money
By: David Westrom

Who is more capable of determining what should be done with your money: you or the government?

This is the simple question that author David Westrom uses to center the debate on a larger, even more universal national question: what role should the government have in the economy? Challenging the assumption that the government’s role is incredibly complex with many variables that are difficult to understand, Westrom explores the underlying beliefs and thought processes that advocate an activist role for government, questions the philosophy, and investigates alternative approaches that would steer the country away from the abyss of financial ruin and insolvency.

Born not from years of being a cog in the machine—or even a ghost in the machine—but from concern as a citizen tired of the endlessly overcomplicated debate, Westrom streamlines the issue into a single, understandable concept. Using this fundamental baseline as a touchstone, he takes a well thought out journey into the role of government. He explores and challenges the underlying beliefs, logic, and thought processes that form the basis of a position that advocates a continued expansion of the role of government in the economy. He refers to this position as ‘Big Government Love’. Westrom presents a cogent argument that delivers new possibilities for the financial ills we face as we run headlong into the twenty-first century.

Westrom’s simplified approach is an eye opening and thought provoking treatise on the ills of big government. Clear, cogent, and full of enlightening insights, Big Government Love and Your Money will forever change the way you view our government and the role it plays in your financial life.