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U.S. Energy Association

The United States Energy Association (USEA) is the U.S. Member Committee of the World Energy Council (WEC). USEA is an association of public and private energy-related organizations, corporations, and government agencies. USEA represents the broad interests of the U.S. energy sector by increasing the understanding of energy issues, both domestically and internationally. 

USEA coordinates participation of the United States in the WEC by nominating representatives to WEC activities, organizes the U.S. delegation to the triennial WEC Congress, WEC Executive Assembly Meetings and Regional Energy Forums.  USEA members serve on WEC technical and study committees. 

In conjunction with the U.S. Agency for International Development and the U.S. Department of Energy, USEA sponsors our nation’s Energy Partnership Program. 

USEA sponsors policy reports and conferences dealing with global and domestic energy issues as well as sponsors trade and educational exchange visits with other countries. 

Membership in USEA is open to all organizations having an interest in the energy sector of the United States.

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