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The Democratic Coma
By: Virgil Brannon

A Coma is a state of unconsciousness whereby a patient cannot react with the surrounding environment. The patient cannot be wakened with outside physical or auditory stimulation. The inability to waken differentiates coma from sleep. Patients can have different levels of unconsciousness and unresponsiveness depending upon how much or how little of the brain is functioning.


So when a person is asleep, they will lack knowledge of their surroundings and cannot be wakened to the many facts about his or her self and history; they are in a coma. When they are unconscious, unresponsive to react or accept the truth; they are in a coma. When they think they have awakened but yet living asleep, they are in a coma. When a person has been tricked into the Democratic Party to depend on the party and cannot recognize any progress in their life, they are in Democratic Coma. It is at that very moment when they have become a patient and an experiment to the Democratic Party’s trap, to see how long they will remain asleep in the Democratic Coma. —-


Democratic Coma tells the story about a father, a youth mentor, who was asleep in a coma created by false leaders. Curious to learn how others had lulled him to sleep, he began to delve into American history and politics to find the truth. He discovered decades of lies the Democratic Party has been telling people. Their experiment has been to divide the races and to expand slavery by creating more dependency.


The story focuses on the father’s research and discovery of why Black America has not evolved, why America is rapidly losing its power around the world and why the problems still exist. Amazed by his finding and eager to know more about problems, he started searching for solutions and what it will take to stop them before it’s too late. His discovery reveals many schemes of failed policies and corrupt behavior that are against the founders, the Dream and God. The book is an eye-opener to many hidden stories, quotes and events that have kept America from growing and the American people from coming together as a whole. This new knowledge can cure many of us from the abuse and the addiction of the Democratic Party’s Coma.