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Making Your Sales Cover Letter Sell For You
By: Mario Churchill

One little trick that far too many salesmen forget when applying for that next great sales position is the fact that they must sell themselves to a perspective employer just as much as they need to sell themselves to perspective customers when working in the field. The problem is that you don't get that first face to face when it comes to potential employers that you have when working with most customers so your resume cover letter is the best possible means at your disposal for that ever so important task of selling yourself as bigger and better than your competition.

The best way you can do this is by using your cover letter to show potential employers and hiring managers how much you care for your customers and the lengths you will go to in order to insure that your customers are absolutely satisfied and convinced that you have their best interests at heart rather than your own. Show don't tell your employer that your customers are your number one concern and that you will go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that they are satisfied.

You must research the company that you are applying for a position with when it comes to sales probably more than most other fields but if you do your homework the pay off when applying for this sort of position. Your research of the company you are applying to work with and letting them know that you are interested in them as a company, and more importantly, in bringing them sales is a great motivator on their part to move the interview process along towards the hiring phase. Make them understand how much you could help them by your research and initiative.

A good salesperson is convincing and persuasive. Consider your cover letter a challenge. The challenge is this: get the hiring manager to invite you for an interview by the end of the page. One page. That is all you get to make that bold and brash sales statement when writing a cover letter for a sales position. You have one page to sell yourself, your talents, and the contribution you could make to his or her organization. Good salespeople live for challenges such as this. The only difference is that in this instance you are limited to one piece of paper to accomplish your goal. It can be done and the rewards for doing so can be great.

Don't forget to include your passion for sales in your cover letter. Potential employers want to know why you want the job as much as they would like to know that are quite capable of doing the job. Keep this in mind when creating your resume and cover letter. Be passionate about your work and the talent it takes to be a successful salesperson in today's competitive and overcrowded marketplace. Sell yourself and your love for the challenge that a career in sales presents. A potential employer wants to know that you will be challenged through your employment, that you will seek to improve and grow over time, and that you genuinely want to work for them rather than simply wanting to work. Explain all of these things when creating your cover letter and do your level best to make it short, sweet, and to the point.

The most effective cover letters are those that line up the highlights of the talent you will bring to the position, why you want the position, that you want the position, and that you are passionate about what you do. Most companies can ask for little more than this kind of enthusiasm in their sales force so make sure you give it to them straight when creating your cover letter. Leave them no choice but to invite you for an interview and make sure you politely request that they do just that.

Once you've finished writing your sales cover letter read over it. Make sure that you have paid attention to all the necessary details so they do not think you a sloppy salesperson. Make sure you have said all you need to say to get the message across in as few words as possible. If you do all these things you should have a sales cover letter that will know the hiring manager's socks off.