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The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide
By: Wayne Allyn Root

Hard hitting new book charges that Barack Obama has turned the entire U.S. economy into a “Hostile Work Environment.”


Newly appointed Executive Vice Chairman of The Conservative Caucus and conservative firebrand Wayne Allyn Root is wasting no time in taking the fight to President Barack Obama. Root’s new book – The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide – hits book shelves on April 15, just in time to take Obama to task for what Root calls “The Obama Axis of Evil.”


Root, a former classmate of Obama’s at Columbia University, a widely read political and business columnist, as well as popular Fox News guest, says the new book, “tells the true story of Obama’s plan to destroy small business, damage the U.S. economy, and wipe out capitalism.”


Why is Obama about to steal $19.4 trillion in our retirement accounts – and what he intends to do with it.


How Obama’s “Axis of Evil” – Taxation, Regulation, Unionization, Strangulation and Litigation – is being used to kill small business


How a third world hellhole in the middle of America proves that Obama’s policies will wreck the U.S. economy and destroy the American Dream


Why America is in the midst of a tragic Obama Great Depression – but it’s all hidden by government spending


Why the three biggest bubbles in world history are about to crash like the Hindenburg


Why the mainstream media no longer reports the facts, just the Obama propaganda


Why Obama’s education policies should be re-named “Every Child Left Behind” – and what you can do to save your precious children


The three biggest lies of the Obama economy


Most importantly, Wayne doesn’t just criticize, he provides concrete SOLUTIONS. This book features a detailed 18-point plan to survive, thrive and PROSPER on every move Obama will make over the next four years!


As a priceless bonus, Wayne features advice from 18 superstars of business and finance- millionaires, billionaires, and billion dollar hedge fund managers who each detail their specific plan to profit and prosper over the next four years.


“From his phantom years at Columbia University to his phantom days as a community organizer – that left the community in shambles – to his phantom ‘economic recovery, “Barack Obama is, hell bent on creating a new national Holiday: DEPENDENCE DAY” said TCC Executive VP Root. “This book exposes him for what he is – and provides the American people the ways and means to escape the havoc he is wreaking from coast to coast.”


Root became the Executive Vice Chairman of the legendary Conservative Caucus in March,