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Forget the Resume
By: John Lee

Forget the Resume: Serious Job Finder’s Playbook: This book covers a 6-week program structured for job seekers who want to be better engaged with job searching and connect directly hiring managers and decision makers, while straying away from more traditional methods. This playbook goes beyond the resumes, cover letters, job fairs, networking mixers, and electronic job postings.

In 2010, the average number of applications submitted per job opening was 118, according to the new research from the Corporate Executive Board. And yet, U.S. unemployment figures continue to hold steady at 7.7% this year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS).

"In an age of smartphones, 3 terabyte computers, and online everything, why are we still using these antiquated and ineffective tools?" wonders author John Lee. “The strategy from this book aims to help the jobseeker stand out from the crowd by getting past sophisticated key word search algorithms, HR/personnel intermediaries and hiring software.”

Forget the Resume Playbook is an alternative method that stresses to not solely rely on the traditional cover letter and resume submission. You are easily filtered out…

It’s not using electronics in lieu but rather using electronics as a tool. What is unique about John's method is that you are:

Critically thinking about the field you want to enter or have previous job experience

By researching and writing a brief white paper on top trends or a hot topic or issue within the field you show the employer that you have your lights on and that you are engaged on a higher level in their world. Each time you engage you learn more and your white paper is enhanced

By targeting and careful online research you approach the company more confidently and intelligently

John Lee's "Fearless Method" of calling top leadership first has had a 95% success rate of further engagement

The resume never comes into play until after the initial interview (most times) because your white paper and informational interview take precedence and are the foundation of a relationship where both parties see a need for your skills

The bottom line is that if we rely on the traditional application process we will be weeded out unfairly and never be given the opportunity to articulate to potential decision makers our value.
John Lee is the CEO and founder of LeeCore, a boutique management consultancy. For information visit: