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Kagen Water August 14th

Hello friends,

Four years ago, someone started bringing us Kangen water and told us we’d be healthier if we drank it exclusively.  We thought it was ridiculous that his water could change our lives but went along with the offer of free water.

After one month, Hazel got rid of her arthritis and we had other benefits so we bought our own Kangen machine.  Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of families lose their illnesses.

I thought it would be a good idea to share the fact that we’ll be hosting a special presentation about Kangen water on August 14th at one of our favorite restaurants in North Hollywood.

We hope you'll share the flyer with your friends and relatives who are ready for a change in how they feel.

Victorio's is a wonderful restaurant and their private room holds up to 100 people comfortably.  Hazel and I have had numerous parties there over the years.  You and your guests will be delighted with the food which will be served buffet style after our 30-minute presentation.

A good overview of how Kangen water works to help the body heal itself will be given. People aren't aware that if they just change their water, they WILL change their lives.

Your mission is to assist us help educate more people of the benefits of Kangen water. I know you want to see everyone you love be healthier.

With Obamacare coming into law, EVERYONE will need Kangen water in their life.