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The Wii - Is Nintendo Onto Something Here?
By: Gregg Hall

The Wii is probably a lot of a better choice then the Playstation 3. It has better graphics and the controller in which you use is like no other controller I have ever seen. It is small yet lightweight and can be used to play a lot of different games.

This game system is an innovation in the industry in my opinion. The way that it gets the player physically involved in the game is the future of gaming systems. I think that all gaming companies are going to be working on developing virtual reality gaming systems that involve the player more. Nintendo was one of the earliest gaming companies and have fallen behind until the release of the Wii.

Below are just a list of some of the many things you can buy to accompany your Nintendo Wii.

The Wii System is inexpensive when compared to the other systems on the market and the whole family can enjoy this new toy. For less than three hundred bucks you can own a Nintendo Wii and can start playing the games that you loved to play so much on the old Nintendo game systems. So get out there and get yourself a Nintendo Wii before you get something else that is not nearly as good. The system is inexpensive enough that you can own it in addition to an Xbox or Playstation. We actually have all three systems in our home but we are video game nuts and each company has games that we like that can only be played on their system.

Wii accessories are also available and you can find pretty much whatever you want online. You can still play with the old Nintendo controllers as they are still sold for a mere $20. All you need to do is go buy the color in which you want and you can start playing all your favorite Nintendo games that you love so much. To help your systems stay cool you can also buy a fan or air cooler for your Nintendo, you can just go to any gaming website and I am sure that you can find what it is that you seek.

In case you haven't heard you need to be careful when playing the new Wii, there have been many reports of people getting injured from playing very aggressively as well as having the controllers come off of their hands and crash through the TV screen. If you are going to get one of these new gaming systems be sure that you have the controller firmly in your hand so you don't end up having to buy a new TV as well.

Some of the games that you can get for the system include Sonic and the Secret Rings and Tiger Woods PGA tour 07 for kids and Medal Of Honor Vanguard as well as The Godfather for more mature players.