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My Inspired Business

Dear Small Business Owner,

Small business discovery website offers small business owners an opportunity to showcase their business and tell the unique story of how their business came to be. In addition to being a discovery website, My Inspired Business serves as an advertising platform for business owners as each discovery page is uniquely designed and looks remarkable on tablets and mobile devices.

The pages look spectacular, much like a mini ad campaign. The company says that each page is search optimized so it can be easily found by search engines. Stand alone pages gain exposure from the company’s own ad campaigns which are seen both online and offline on various local websites, newspapers and magazines  and are also mentioned on the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages as well as a listing in a monthly newsletter which is distributed via email.

For further exposure a business owner may elect to purchase an ad campaign and direct traffic directly to their discovery page. The ad campaign may consist of a social media press release, advertising on social outlets like Facebook, Twiiter, LinkedIn, Google etc. and popular search engine sites Yahoo, Google, and Bing.  For more information please visit or contact .

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