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No DWP rate hikes, Early 405 opening and Business tax cuts


Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced no DWP rate hikes, early 405 opening and business tax cuts in his first State of City address on Thursday, April 10 in the Annenberg Space at the California Science Center. Mayor Garcetti reminded a large audience of attendees including many city officials that his goal is making Los Angeles the safest, most prosperous, most livable, and best-run big city in America. Garcetti addressed many issues including the Department of Water and Power increasing electricity and water rates in 2014. "I will not allow the DWP to raise rates this year. The department must earn back your trust," he said. Garcetti also discussed how our city is home to the highest and most complicated business tax of any of the 88 cities in Los Angeles County and how this chases new businesses away and pushes existing businesses to relocate. “I will introduce legislation as part of this year’s budget that will be our first down payment toward this goal.  Our plan will cut the top business tax rate over 3 years -- the top rate that nearly half of businesses pay,” he said. The Mayor announced a new lane on the San Diego 405 Freeway which will open in May, previously anticipated for October 2014. The Mayor mentioned that one of his main priorities is a high quality of life and discussed the Great Street initiative. “It begins where you live, in your neighborhood, on your main street. We’ll create an environment where new neighborhood businesses can flourish. We’ll pave the streets and make them green streets -- clean and lush with plant life, local art, and people-focused plazas.” The 15 streets selected will be rolled out in the spring. “This is our city. This is our time. Together let’s build Los Angeles of tomorrow,” he ended.