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California Community Colleges System Office

Mission Statement

"Empowering Community Colleges Through Leadership, Advocacy, and Support"

Vision Statement

Our vision is to build a better future for California by providing exceptional leadership, advocacy and support for the Board of Governors and California’s community colleges. These efforts will foster access, success and lifelong learning for all students while simultaneously advancing the state’s interests in a skilled workforce and an educated citizenry.

We will secure and use resources effectively and forge partnerships with local districts and colleges, public policy makers, and members of the business, non-profit, K-12 and higher education communities while ensuring accountability and serving as conscientious stewards of the public trust.

The System Office will deliver valuable human and financial resources to support college programs, research, policy development and the use of emerging technology throughout the California community colleges.

We will be the state’s leader in community college policy, advocacy and achievement and be a powerful catalyst for advancing policy, legislative and funding goals. With adequate resources, we will identify and address demographic, economic, political and technological trends affecting education and the workforce.

The System Office will promote and publicize the richness, value and diversity provided to individuals, business, local communities and California as a whole by the colleges, students, faculty and staff.

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