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California Travel & Tourism Commission

The California Tourism Marketing Act was enacted in 1995, to increase California’s share of the travel and tourism market (Government Code Section 13995 et. seq.) (Link to Government Code) The legislation authorized self-imposition of an assessment by businesses that benefit from travel and tourism. It also authorized the establishment of a non-profit, public benefit corporation, the California Travel and Tourism Commission (CTTC), to oversee the promotion of California as a premier travel destination. The statute became operative upon industry wide approval in 1997 and the assessment program was initiated in 1998. In 2001, the program was renewed by industry referendum with an 84 percent margin and will subsequently be renewable by industry vote every six years.

The California Travel and Tourism Commission is comprised of 37 Commission members, representing each industry segment (Accommodations, Restaurants and Retail, Attractions and Recreation, Transportation and Travel Services, and Passenger Car Rental). The Commission meets three times a year and directs and approves the marketing plan, expenditures and the overall strategic course for California Tourism. The CTTC staff oversees the production of the marketing activities, including advertising, visitor publications and cooperative programs – all designed to promote California to travelers, tourists and the travel trade.

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