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Business Insurance Policy Options
By: Jim Brown

An important part of establishing a business plan is determining the type of insurance that will be chosen to protect all business interests. This is an important step in establishing a business. The business owner must consider the differences in price of policy rates that cover a certain number of people at one time. Hiring more people could inflate business-operating costs considerably and business owners must consider all business insurance options before opening the door for business.

The key points to all business insurance policies will provide insurance protection to the property that the business is on. The business owner might want to consider getting flood coverage if the building sits in a low-lying area, and the fact that machinery is outside all the time will mean that it will be exposed to weather elements that could damage it in time. The business owner will track the crime rate in that area and obtain a business insurance policy that covers theft from criminals.

All automobiles that are used in the business will require a separate business insurance policy. Some policies might limit the age of drivers to the legal age of 21, but riders can be attached to those policies to accommodate the needs of a business that has a staff of people under the legal age. Rates will be assigned based on the way the vehicle is used for business and how far the automobile is driven for business. Rates are higher for business that perform a courier service because they are likely to travel extremely long distances during a 30-day period and with each day, the odds of an accident occurring increase dramatically.

Employees will expect insurance protection while they are on the job. The business owner will have to comply with Workers Compensation Insurance coverage laws and have policies in place in case they are injured on the job. Employees would appreciate a business insurance package that provided medical benefits for the medical care of the entire family and employers will generally inquire about healthcare benefits packages designed for a certain number of employees.

There are insurance policies designed for many types of businesses. Some provide coverage for business owners, and others protect businesses that give shelter to many people. Apartment owners will need protection from damages caused by tenants inside apartments and acts of God that occur on the apartment complex property. Automobile repair business would benefit from policies that protected workers and the automobiles that they are repairing.

To get some insurance policies approved for business operations, it might require a meeting of board of directors that are part of a condominium association. Every condominium owner will know what the rates will be for these real estate ownership policies because the Association will be tasked with sending them a bill for their portion of the insurance premiums several times a year. Some condominium insurance policies are less expensive because there are no swimming pools on the premises. Riders might be added to these policies if pets are on the premises to protect owners and visitors alike whenever they display nasty tempers.