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Health Benefits of an InfraRed Sauna
By: Rob Parker

For centuries and in hundreds of widely dispersed, otherwise unrelated cultures, humans have recognized the health benefits available through saunas, or sauna like structures. The ancient idea of the sauna can be seen in the highly advanced baths of the Roman Empire as well as in the sweat lodges utilized by several Native American tribes. Health clubs and experts in our modern society have accepted these benefits as well; no health spa would be complete without the benefits of a sauna.

Health benefits of all saunas

Regardless of heat source, there are health benefits that are common to all saunas. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Increasing circulation

2. Cleansing of toxins out of the body through sweating

3. Easing discomfort

4. Stress relief

5. Social opportunity

Specific benefits of infrared saunas

Throughout the history of the sauna, steam has been the main source of the heat needed to cause the health benefits. This has meant that the time spent in saunas had to be well monitored in case detrimental health effects occurred with too much exposure.

Today, infrared saunas have not only improved on the traditional benefits of the sauna, they have also eliminated some of the risks that come with sauna usage. There are several people who may not be able to use a traditional steam sauna due to respiratory problems or low heat tolerance. The heat from infrared saunas penetrates much more quickly than that from the steam sauna, so much more sweat is generated in a short time. What is more, the absence of steam means that there is no risk to those with respiratory issues.

The penetrating effects of infrared spas are due to the fact that the heat passes through barriers such as skin much faster than the heat generated by steam. This means not only a shorter time in the sauna, but a much deeper reach for the heat itself. Stress points and areas of soreness that cannot be reached by steam heat are much more susceptible to the heat generated by an infrared source.

Overall, while all saunas will provide many of the same health benefits, infrared saunas are more reliable in terms of use for a greater range of the population, as well as the benefits that come with longer exposure and a deeper penetration into body tissues.

Saunas relieve stress, aches, pains and are a great way to warm up muscles before a workout; people with sauna home kits get to experience this luxury at home.

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