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Business Management Consulting
By: Christina Galstian, Renta-CEO

Today’s corporate office executives are faced with new challenges, bigger obstacles and constant need for better employees and business growth opportunities. As the leader of your organization your ideas and passion are the essence of the success of your organizations. However, transporting those ideas into an office building, production or the global marketplace have become a daunting task and a great challenge.

  • Do you effectively integrate all the essential components of your organization to meet and exceed your financial goals, define and communicate organizational objectives, lead your team by making proactive decisions?
  • Do you currently engage in strategy formulation and strategy implementation in order to assess your business, your industry and your competition?
  • Is your business in the process of change: re-engineering, new leadership, performance & process improvement, cultural changes, new technology implementation? Have you estimated the impact on your organization’s behavior, work processes, morale and the bottom line?
  • Do you have effective financial systems: billing, AR, AP, coding, compliance, financial reporting & ratios, journal entry, chart of accounts, balance sheets, trial balances, general ledger, stockholders' equities, record keeping, and more. Did you know that 500 million checks are forged annually contributing to $10 billion in losses. Credit card fraud adds an additional $2 billion in lost revenues annually, 30% of all employees do steal, and that another 60% will steal if given sufficient motive and opportunity?
  • Are you considering a merger? Did you know that only 50% of mergers succeed in the aim of adding value. Furthermore, the completion of a merger does not ensure the success of an organization.
  • Do you have good handle on your Human Resources; Selection and Hiring, Employee Training and Development, Employee Motivation , Diversity Management, Accountability systems, Compensation methods, Timekeeping Procedures, Benefits, Workers' Compensation , Performance Assessment Procedures, Labor Law Requirements, Employee training, more?
  • Did you know that you can get employee training at no charge to your company?
  • Do you have the tools to address conflict resolution and high turnover? Did you know that poor time management of your staff has direct impact on your bottom line?
  • Do you have good Risk Management systems in place to protect yourself: Disaster Planning and Recovery, Safety and Evacuation,  Asset Protection , Fraud and Forgery,  Employee Theft,  Crisis, etc? 
  • Has your organization established effective Marketing Strategies; Unique Competitive Advantage (UCA), Target Market share , Unique Selling Proposition (USP) , Return Over Investment (ROI)? Do you know your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Have you considered Interim Management most cost effective and efficient method; while your managers are away for a period of time, need to fill a gap while looking for a replacement, don’t wish or need to hire a permanent executive, need to manage project(s) and program implementation, reorganization, transition or crisis, etc.
  • Have you tried telephone consulting before; the most efficient, convenient, and cost effective consulting service delivery method?

No matter what size or sector your business represents all the above and much more are essential for your increased economic growth, optimization of your overall productivity and bottom line. Don’t panic, hire a business consultant to help you save dollars and become a leader in your industry.

Christina Galstian
President, Renta-CEO