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Pasadena's Green City Report Lists Accomplishments, Next Steps

Last year 15 million gallons of water were saved and the city’s renewable energy supply increased 8 percent according to Pasadena’s Green City Report 2007.
The 18-page public document spells out the progress Pasadena’s municipal government has made in efforts to conserve natural resources, protect the environment and ensure that day-to-day practices and policies can sustain these efforts through future generations.
Highlights in the comprehensive report include accomplishments, information on green city services and programs, and next steps to advance the city’s green goals.  The document ends with a report card listing Pasadena’s status on achieving the 21 actions in support of sustainability based on the United Nations Green Cities Declaration and Urban Environmental Accords, which the Pasadena City Council adopted in September 2006.
The report is available at Pasadena public libraries, public counters and online at  For more information call (626) 744-6729.