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The World's Healthiest Foods
By: George Mateljan

Health Food Pioneer Defines 100 of the World’s Healthiest Foods —
In Just 4 Weeks They can Energize Your Life

We’re bombarded with information telling us to eat ‘healthier.’  While most of us understand that means we shouldn’t live solely on potato chips, cheeseburgers and ice cream, many of us are hard-pressed to understand what ‘healthy food’ really is.  After all, there’s so much conflicting information about food and diets and some new study is always popping up in the news telling us that we shouldn’t be eating this or drinking that.  So, what if someone created a lifestyle plan—not a diet—that features 100 of the world’s healthiest foods with quick and easy recipes to prepare them in a way that tastes delicious and makes you feel energized and healthier?

Mateljan researched cultures known for their health and longevity and compiled a list of the 100 Healthiest Foods.  “The health-promoting foods on my list contain the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for the least number of calories,” says Mateljan.   “These factors all work together to help your body function at optimum levels.  He says by incorporating these foods into your diet, you’ll have a healthier heart, better memory, and physically you’ll see differences in your hair and skin.  Your energy level will increase and if you’re overweight, you’ll shed some pounds too.

Ten little known facts about healthy eating include:
1. Eating fresh fruit with each meal helps the digestive process
2 .Soaking produce in water leaches out water soluble vitamins
3. Don’t sauté with olive oil; add it to sauces and foods after they’re cooked to
retain the flavor and nutrients in the oil
4.  Bell peppers may have a protective effect against cataracts
5.  Eating one large apple a day can lower serum cholesterol by up to 11%
6.  Adding fish, shellfish, flaxseeds or walnuts to one meal each day provides anti-inflammatory protection
7.  Refined sugars can lead to reduced immune system function
8.  Refined grains can lead to blood sugar elevations
9.  Whole foods high in fiber such as beans and legumes digest so slowly that many people eat them as natural appetite suppressants
10.  Three cups of green tea daily can reduce body weight and waist circumference
by 5% in three months