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Marriage As An Art The Book

Free To Couples Married 40 Years or Longer

Why is it that only some couples take their vows serious and really commit to living their lives together in holy matrimony - forever? 

What are the secrets that they’ve learned that allows them to get through the tough times? 

Is there any doubt that we are all different, and have opinions that are poles apart, requiring each couple to go through the hills and valleys of living together? 

Could the couples that are planning their weddings - or those that have recently tied the knot - benefit from reading the stories of those that have overcome the challenges inherent in every long-term relationship?

These couples are the building blocks of a strong and healthy society.  They understand what the word FAMILY stands for.

Imagine a book that would not only have testimonials that would alert and inform newly weds how to handle the nuisances and exasperations they are sure to face, but also include artistic portraits that show couples that illustrate what love looks like after being together for many decades.

Such a book is the goal of Harvey Branman, owner of a portrait studio, Photography As An Art, located in Burbank.  In order to get plenty of great stories and portraits for his book, he is offering any couple that has been married for 40 years or longer, a FREE portrait session plus a FREE 8x10 retouched portrait if they are willing to be in the book and are willing to write the story of how they have made their union into an example of “Marriage As An Art”.

Carl and Lynn Raggio of Glendale, CA.

For more information call 818-954-9294, Studios at: 1307 N. San Fernando Blvd., Burbank, CA 91504,