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Home Staging: How To Sell Your Home
By: Christina Alice Armenian

A Distinct Marketing Strategy

Home staging has become quite common amongst mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and potential home purchasers due to the selling power it initiates. The act of making improvements to a home in order to reduce the houses’ time on the market has been a very advantageous strategy. While this approach in home sales is a refreshing change in real estate development, it has concurrently been a widespread approach in the San Fernando Valley.

Within the past few years the residential real estate market has been dwindling due to the rising cost of residential property and economical changes. Catherine Yesayan, a former real estate agent of ten years turned entrepreneur, plays by a different set of rules. As a result of the transformation in real estate market value, the Glendale resident discovered herself in a crises situation. Yesayan pursued her desire of creativity and design into a business endeavor, incorporating both her work experience in real estate commerce with her passion for interior design. By doing so, she has turned the markets short comings into a creative outlet by starting her own home-staging business.

As president of Home Staging & Beyond since 2005, Yesayan comprehends the vitality of picking the right home from a potential buyer’s perspective; therefore, skillfully transforming an empty space into a warm & inviting home.

This reinvention of dressing homes is an integration of twenty seven years of knowledge which she has obtained through Yessaco CSD. Yessaco CSD, opened in 1980, was an antique dealership and showroom which ran for a successful eight years and mapped out the beginning of Yesayan’s career.

With the use of home accessories she unveils an exquisite illustration of what the residence is capable of looking like. It is a way of allowing potential buyers to see a life in.

In home staging, Yesayan tastefully developed the coming of age in real estate by revolutionizing multiple skills in a business savvy form. Furthermore, interior design with furniture accents is not where her technique resides. She embarks upon many different aspects in redesigning in order to transform a vacant space into a much more desirable one. “I do full staging, partial staging, organize closets, and redesign form” she says. She continued, “I have a cleaning crew and I tackle paint job and other small repairs around the house as well as landscaping.” It is quite apparent that she has turned the downfall of the market by working alongside realtors and brokers to embrace a technique which enhances home sales.

Ultimately, Yesayan’s intent is to work along side the challenges in real estate rather than abandoning the mortgage industry altogether. With the goal of selling the house in mind, she has turned a light that could have been dimmed into a brighter perspective and a new career.

For additional information cal or visit the websiste: Catherine Yesayan | 818 497 0707