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Business Life Magazine
Volume 23 No. 8
Economic Development: Cities/Counties/State
 Battles Over Redevelopment Far From Over

Workforce Investment Centers
 Re-Thinking the Skills Gap in California

California Information
 California Cant Tax Itself to Prosperity

Mike Cooneys Winding Road New Car Reviews
 2013 Subaru BRZ and Legacy 2.5i Limiteds

Advice & Resources
 How Female CEOs Can Lead with Impact

 Tri-Cities Office Market April 2013

Pacific Rim
 China A Mecca for Tourism

California Resources
 The Power of Michael Jordon

Small Business Resources
 Resolutions for Your Business in 2013

 University of Redlands
 FWIB Means Business
 VICA Business Hall of Fame 2013
 Sanitation Districts of LA County
 California Offset Printing
 The Los Angeles County Community Development Commission
 City of Glendale in Memoriam of John Krikorian
 Glendale Water and Power
 Alhambra Golf Course
 Comprehensive Community Health Centers
 The Alhambra
 Woodbury University
 Remembering John Krikorian

Tech Insights
 Affordable Tech Goes to the Dogs

Corporate News & Briefs
 Officials Attend Groundbreaking For Railroad Crossing Underpass
 Brief Cases...And Other Corporate News

 VICA Advocacy Trips

 San Gabriel Valley Economic Parternship

Cover Article
 Celebrating the Life John Krikorian

California Health Benefit Exchange
 California Employer Health Benefits Fewer Covered, More Cost

Health Care Reform
 Exchanges Health Insurance